CNPPRI is a leading research institute of applied technology in China's paper industry. It is the supporting construction and operation unit of the only national engineering laboratory "Pulp and Paper National Engineering Laboratory" in the paper industry in China. It is equipped with the industry's top and comprehensive research and development laboratory and pilot equipment, and an experienced engineering and technical talent team, which for a long time has been committed in the paper industry in China to new raw materials, the research and development of new technologies and new products, and leads and promotes the scientific and technological progress of the industry.

Specialty Paper 

Committed to the development of special paper and paper-based functional materials, CNPPRI is leading in China the research and development of specialty papers and paper-based functional materials used in military products, electrical devices, new energy batteries, filtration, food industry, medical treatment, testing and inspection, art, etc. CNPPRI has made its contributions to the national key projects including China's Two Bombs and One Satellite project, and the manned space flight project.

Green Production of Pulping and Paper-making

It is committed to supporting the sustainable development of paper industry with advanced technologies regarding clean pulping and bleaching, efficient recycling of waste paper, optimization of alkali recovery system and biomass boilers, utilization and treatment of waste pulping liquids, and processing and utilization of solid wastes, etc.


Coating Technology 

It mainly engages in research and development of various coated paper, coating technologies and equipment, with a special focus in degradable barrier coating and curtain coating.



It mainly engages in the industrial preparation of nano-cellulose and its application in papers and paperboards, sustainable packages, hygiene products, and various composite materials. 


Household Paper

It engages in developing new household paper products, new technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and environment-friendly functional additives, establishing database of fiber materials, promoting the standardization and intellectualization of production, and exploring differentiated utilization of fiber raw materials such as bamboo, straw and cotton.


Hygiene Products

Aiming at achieving more versatile functions, more comfortable experience, safer use, and more environmental-friendliness, this area is dedicated to the development of new functional and basic materials for disposable hygiene products.


Packaging Materials 

It provides technological service and engages in the development of degradable packages and catering wares from paper, cellulosic materials or high-performance molded pulp, as well as related functional additives.